Sun, sea and stone

Vineyards Komarna

About 60 000 litres of excellent wine brand  Terra Madre is produced each year from the  Poljopromet company vineyards that spread on about 16,55 hectares. Thanks to the unique, sunny and fresh location, in Komarna our products are ecologically certified. This is an additional reason why  Komarna is such a unique and interesting wine region, and those wines became quickly recognized on the domestic market. The ideal position south – south west, the sea proximity and an excellent ventilation permitted an ecological production, with really low need of treatments of grape vines ( copper and sulfur only).The vineyard itself is located on a limestone slope of a hill 50 to 180 meters high with a slope that varies up to 45%. The microclimate, with its sun hours, along with the marine reflection of the sun, the position and the reflection of large limestone surfaces enables above-average insolation. All these ideal conditions have contributed to the production of top-quality, ecologically certified wines that follow world trends. Terra Madre wines are distinctly Terroir - with a unique aroma and taste of the region in which they are processed.

Vineyards Komarna


Komarna the youngest vineyard in Croatia


Elevation of the plants from 50 to 180 m


Average slope of the terrain is 30%, somewhere  45%


Limestone  and really llittle earth

Sunny days

2600 sunny hours per year


700 mm of fallout per year

The story about sucess

Grape varieties

The vines are planted at a density of 7,200 vines per hectare. The vineyards are facing south and southwest, and due to their position and airiness, all producers have reported organic production. The microclimate, with its number of hours of sunshine, along with the sea reflection of the sun and the reflection of large limestone surfaces, enables above-average insolation.

Plavac mali
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