A breathtaking view of  the Neretva Bay
23 Oct 2020

A breathtaking view of the Neretva Bay

Everywhere you turn, there’s nothing but boulders and thickets on the hilly terrain by the sea. Will this meager land in Komarna, near Dubrovnik, ever be able to bear juicy fruits ripened in the sun? A few wondered, many doubted, but not the bravest, Stipe and Damir Dominikovic and Davor Martinovic. After a series of business successes in the partner company “Poljopromet”, they decided to take on a new business challenge – the reclamation of karst on hillslopes. They wanted to plant new vineyards on that rocky soil and grow their own vines. An unforgettable vacation in a vineyard by the sea. Check the story on the following link made by Anita Palada Brand.